Aria Taylor

Birth Name

Taylor Robinson

Record Label

66 Music


Melbourne, Australia

Taylor Robinson, better known as her stage name Aria Taylor, is an Australian Pop singer-songwriter and actress. Aria is well known with two of her original singles, “Friday Feeling” and "I Really Want You". She has been in numerous feature films, TV shows, and stage productions, including lead roles.

It is stated that Aria and SARE are good friends even though they're in different countries.

Collaborations with SARE Edit

  • SARE has remixed Aria's song 'I Really Want You'. A preview was uploaded but taken down until SARE has confirmed the official release
  • SARE has been doing some remixes for Aria but he states that his fans will have to wait and see.
  • Following the remixes, Aria was impressed by SARE's talent and style that she asked him to contribute some of it to her upcoming debut album.
  • SARE has also asked Aria to collaborate on one of his songs for his upcoming debut album which is released in 2015.