Beyond The Starz - Single
Beyond The Starz - Single




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Futuristic Sound Music

Remixed by megastarz

Beyond The Starz is a song featured on SARE's debut album - #LOST. The original mix was originally a submission for A State Of Trance 650 but not many people listened to the song and SARE did not win. It was his comeback single after the failing release of CREATION.

Fans have stated that the song had the same chord progression as "Standby" from the demo album 'CREATION', Mji was happy about this and replied that it was not intended.

For fun, SARE released a 8-Bit Version of the song which he done himself and self promoted his song with his alter ego MEGAST★RZ. Due to SARE's obsession with Japan, he released a remix called the "SARE Tokyo Remix".

Track ListingEdit

  • Digital Download
  1. Beyond The Starz (Single Version) - 5:21

1st Anniversary EditionEdit

Mji confirmed that a re-release of 'Beyond the Starz' was due in the middle of September due to the copyright breach for Cavarcia's remix of the track itself. The song sampled in the remix was Mr Loathing & Tony Brown's "Trouble" and SARE cut the sales of the remix EP.

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